A few weeks ago Nick Doshi visited, ready to deliver his new 160 watt V3.0 KT-120 based amplifier, V3.0 phono stage and VV3.0 line stage. Then, after another few weeks, he returned, substituting new KT-150 tubes in his monoblocks. Throughout, the sound had been quite enticing—warm, perhaps a pinch on the dark side, but always musically enchanting. The KT-150, though, took it up another notch. The presentation seemed to become even more transparent and supple—combining (as Doshi put it) the strength of a 6550 tube with the blissfulness of an EL34.

I was particularly taken with the phono stage, which I would like to listen to again. It had excellent bass control and beautifully delineated various musical lines. Doshi and I ended up spending a good part of an afternoon running through my LP collection of classical trumpeters, ranging from Maurice Andre to Gerard Schwarz. “Celestial,” was the way he described hearing Andre. It’s a quality that his equipment helped bring out effectively and persuasively. Anyone searching for reasonably priced gear that offers superb performance would do well to consider Doshi’s line.”

Jacob Heilbrunn, “A Visit from Nick Doshi” The Absolute Sound. 9 October 2014.

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