Over a year ago I finally met Nick Doshi and had a chance to listen to his electronics for the first time. It was in Munich at the High-End Show in a room Doshi Audio shared with J.Sikora. Later, Janusz Sikora delighted with Nick’s phonostage ordered one for himself. That’s your and my first clue – if our turntable wizard was so impressed with this component it had to be really, really good. That was also my impression from the High End Show, although I listened there to a whole system, not just the phono, so all I could tell was that the setup delivered impressive performance. It seems that the brand isn’t particularly popular in Europe which in part is justified by the boutique size of its operation. Yet, the impressions from Munich strongly suggested that it was worth getting to know.

Doshi Audio Evolution Phono Preamplifier - hifiknights

A few months later the ordered unit arrived in Lublin and soon after was presented at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw. It was yet another successful presentation, although again, of a whole setup. After that, I had a chance to listen to the Evolution Phono Preamplifier twice more in the J.Sikora’s showroom, and again in Munich this year. After all these experiences Sikoras completed the Doshi setup by ordering also a line preamplifier and monaural power amplifiers.