Stories From The Road

Doshi Audio is no stranger to the road and is always attending events to allow visitors to experience the superior sound that is delivered by the Doshi line of products.

  • PF_Audio_Flordia_Audio_Expo_2024_Joseph_Audio_Doshi_Audio_Cardas_Audio


    We’ve received the BEST IN SHOW for the Florida Audio Expo 2024! From  Dr. David W. Robinson – Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback “The audio performance in our room at AXPONA 2023 was a fine experience, one that […]

  • Doshi Audio Evolution Phono Preamplifier - hifiknights

    Doshi Audio Evolution Phono Preamplifier – Reviewed

    Over a year ago I finally met Nick Doshi and had a chance to listen to his electronics for the first time. It was in Munich at the High-End Show in a room Doshi Audio […]

  • Doshi Audio Evolution Monoblock power amplifier-stereophile

    Doshi Audio Evolution Monoblock Power Amplifier – Reviewed

    “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help your filaments?” asked the audiophile judge of the tube. “Since I am the truth,” respondeth the tube, “I have nothing […]

  • Synergy

    Paragon Sight & Sound put together a nice array of components that had very good synergy. At the heart of the system were the newly introduced V3.0 Series of components including the Doshi 3.0 Phono […]

  • Posi+ive Feedback – Doshi Line Preamplifier V3.0 Review

  • Part Time Audiophile – Doshi Audio v3.0 Stereo Amplifier Review

  • Audionirvana – Best New Products: Doshi Audio Stereo amplifier

  • The Absolute Sound – Special Mention: V3.0 Tape Stage

  • Absolute Sound – Best In Show Review

  • The Absolute Sound – ‘Most Significant’ Headphone Amp Review

  • KT-150s Took it Up a Notch

    A few weeks ago Nick Doshi visited, ready to deliver his new 160 watt V3.0 KT-120 based amplifier, V3.0 phono stage and VV3.0 line stage. Then, after another few weeks, he returned, substituting new KT-150 […]

  • A Truly Superior Sound – RMAF 2014

    The truly superior sound in the room co-sponsored by Paragon Sight and Sound of Ann Arbor gave me my first listen to Wilson Audio’s Sasha 2 loudspeakers ($30,900/pair) and Doshi Audio electronics. First up was […]

  • New Cosmetics and OS

    Doshi Audio’s $15,995 vacuum tube based phono preamplifier features three inputs, a full complement of remote controllable loading options and even memory to store settings for each of the inputs. One is for MC while […]

  • Midrange Magic

    Michigan retailer Paragon Sight & Sound’s room on the Marriott’s ground floor featured the Wilson Audio Alexia speakers. I was familiar with the Alexia, having just finished reviewing it for the December issue of Stereophile, […]

  • Smitten

    The first room I visited was Conifer 1, where Wilson Audio’s Alexia floorstander was on-display. Replete with technologies adapted from Wilson’s statement XLF, the Alexia was being shown with Doshi Audio’s new V3.0 Series electronics […]

  • The New Kid on the Block

    Doshi Audio, a relative newcomer to the high-end audio scene, put themselves squarely on the map with some extremely impressive demonstrations at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Indeed, it was hearing the Doshi electronics (phono, tape […]

Truely Superior Sound –
The sound through the Doshi Audio V3.0 products was warm and inviting as in, “I must hear more”

Jason Serinus. Stereophile - AXPONA 2014

Truely Superior Sound –
The sound through the Doshi Audio V3.0 products was warm and inviting as in, “I must hear more”

Jason Serinus. Stereophile - AXPONA 2014

Best of Show  |  Best Sound
A system wins here, one of Paragon Sight and Sound’s rooms featuring Wilson Audio Sasha 2s, Doshi Audio electronics, dCS Rossini DAC and Master Clock, Brinkmann Balance turntable and ’arm, My Sonic Labs Signature Platinum cartridge, and Transparent Reference cables. An oasis of musical calm anytime I stuck my head in the door.

Absolute Sound

Cardas Audio Excels with Joseph and Doshi

But I would be remiss to not include the new Hybrid Stereo amp ($19,995) from Doshi Audio that were powering everything.  A gorgeous piece of amplifier, there are eight EL34 tubes with a mirror-like chrome cover of transformers behind reflecting the glass.  Joining in the fun were Doshi’s line stage ($17,995) and tape pre ($17,995).

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Part-Time Audiophile

RMAF 2018: Joseph Audio, Doshi Audio, Cardas and the Rest of Your Life

This was one of Jeff’s best-sounding set-ups I’ve heard—and I’ve heard quite a few—which led me to believe that the Doshi Audio amplification, as well as the Cardas Clear Beyond cabling, were providing uncommon synergy in the room.

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Part-Time Audiophile

Doshi Audio Monoblock V3.0 power amplifier

The remarkably air-filled, three-dimensional, gratifyingly warm sound of Doshi Audio’s Monoblock V3.0 amplifiers demands a place on the short list of amplifier seekers who listen to music for hours on end.
  –  Jason Victor Serinus

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Command Performance AV: Doshi Audio electronics

The system’s sound was very clean and transparent and easily showed the vast differences between either the 15-ips tapes or LPs that were played.

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Capital Audiofest: Hitting the Ground Running

The system played it with a tremendous sense of ease, the music simply existing between the speakers without apparent effort. Chris Thile’s voice had well-defined, full-bodied presence in the room, and the limber, graceful phrases played by banjoist Noam Pikelny were breathtaking in their realism.

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