Doshi Audio

A few years ago, Doshi Audio started building a no-frills preamplifier based on the premise that simple circuitry with an elegant built and the best available parts would provide a remarkable listening experience. The new V3.0 units have fulfilled all of these design-hallmarks; they are the product of Nick Doshi’s masterful hand-built circuitry paired with top-of-the-line materials. The new Doshi V3.0 product line includes: a Monoblock Amplifier, R/C Line Stage, Phono Stage, and Tape Stage.

The Series 3

The Series 3 by Doshi Audio is the result of a carefully executed design philosophy. Each component in the Series 3 has been evaluated and hand-picked by Nick Doshi to ensure the ultimate stability, endurance, and most important, musical performance.

The foundation of every unit is a 14-gauge stainless steel chassis, which features material strength combined with non-magnetic properties and natural internal damping. Sitting atop the chassis is a solid piece of Corian that contributes an extremely high internal damping.

Other notable features include iso-damp vibration isolation grommets on all circuit boards and interior components, as well as tube sockets that are made from Teflon with gold-plated copper connection pins. The result meets the goal of every audio company – an infrastructure with remarkable solidity, damping, and isolation.

On the inside of the chassis, you will find custom-made audio transformers by Toroid Corp in the USA, and custom-made coupling capacitors by ICW Clarity CAP. These exceptional components are fused with Doshi’s elegant and innovative circuitry to create the finest Doshi Audio products ever made.

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