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Paragon Sight & Sound put together a nice array of components that had very good synergy. At the heart of the system were the newly introduced V3.0 Series of components including the Doshi 3.0 Phono [...]

The Absolute Sound – Special Mention: V3.0 Tape Stage

Special mention goes to tape playback from the Joseph Audio Pearl 3 speakers driven by Rowland Daemon integrated, using all Cardas Audio cables, taking the signal from an excellent Doshi V3.0 Tape Stage getting its signal from a Mara Machines MCI [...]

Absolute Sound – Best In Show Review

Best Sound A system wins here, one of Paragon Sight and Sound’s rooms featuring Wilson Audio Sasha 2s, Doshi Audio electronics, dCS Rossini DAC and Master Clock, Brinkmann Balance turntable... READ FULL REVIEW

KT-150s Took it Up a Notch

A few weeks ago Nick Doshi visited, ready to deliver his new 160 watt V3.0 KT-120 based amplifier, V3.0 phono stage and VV3.0 line stage. Then, after another few weeks, he returned, substituting new KT-150 [...]

A Truly Superior Sound – RMAF 2014

The truly superior sound in the room co-sponsored by Paragon Sight and Sound of Ann Arbor gave me my first listen to Wilson Audio’s Sasha 2 loudspeakers ($30,900/pair) and Doshi Audio electronics. First up was [...]

New Cosmetics and OS

Doshi Audio’s $15,995 vacuum tube based phono preamplifier features three inputs, a full complement of remote controllable loading options and even memory to store settings for each of the inputs. One is for MC while [...]

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