Paragon Sight & Sound put together a nice array of components that had very good synergy. At the heart of the system were the newly introduced V3.0 Series of components including the Doshi 3.0 Phono Stage, Tape Stage, Line Stage, and the Doshi 3.0 160W mono amps…The new V3.0 Doshi Tape Stage and Phono Stage produced very natural, spacious, and enjoyable music during the demonstrations. Both devices in this system were very similar in sonic presentation, making them pleasing and relaxing enough for very long and extended listening systems. Without a doubt, Larry Marcus of Paragon Sight & Sound produced the best sound he has ever gotten at RMAF. Bravo again!

Andre Jennings, “RMAF Report: Analog Sources – Part 1.” The Absolute Sound. 17 October 2013.

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