Evolution Tape Preamplifier

For Audiophiles seeking the highest resolution analog playback, Tape playback has long been considered the best option. What started as a demonstration project for audio shows and homemade tapes has evolved over a decade into the Doshi Audio Evolution Series Tape Preamplifier. By eliminating the primary shortcoming
in most professional and semi-professional tape machines, i.e. the playback electronics, Doshi Audio has developed modern and classic circuits to deliver a unique device.

The Evolution Series has raised the bar even further. Thanks to a completely redesigned power supply, the Evolution Series is so quiet that the music seamlessly emerges from an inky black background. There is a significant increase in resolution while at the same time an increase in musicality due to the power supply’s high stability and ultralow noise B+ regulation, combination series/shunt regulator, Schottky rectifiers ,and passive power factor correction.

The Evolution adds ClarityCap CMR capacitors along with circuit changes for lower distortion and greater dynamic linearity provide better tube life to go along with superb reproduction. No expense has been spared from the new constrained layer top plate to the conductive plastic audio level potentiometers.

The Evolution Tape Preamplifier features differential balanced inputs, separate circuitry for NAB and IEC EQ, machined Teflon tube sockets, high dynamic range and over 80V p-p of output before clipping.

Sound quality that surpasses any other playback format and professional features make the Evolution Series Tape preamplifier a unique product. Enter the realm of the State of the Art.



Stereo Inputs: 1 total, Supplied with RCA and XLR connectors, only one can be used at one time.
Stereo Outputs: 2 total with 1 Direct XLR, 1 Transformer coupled (XLR or RCA)
Gain: Max gain 60db (jumper adjustable) Signal to noise: at least 90db below 1V unweighted (MC input)
Tubes: Qty 8 (3-12AT7, 1-ECC99)/channel Power Consumption: 30W
Weight: 35lbs (Preamplifier + PSU)
Finish: Natural Anodized Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum