Evolution Phono Preamplifier

The basic role of any phono stage is the connection from your turntable to your preamplifier. The goal of a reference phono stage to make the emotional  connection from the artist’s recording to the listener ear. The Doshi Evolution Phono Preamplifier makes that connection by brining you closer to music than you ever thought possible from your vinyl collection.

The Evolution Phono is extremely flexible. The Phono can be configured for 2 MM and 1 MC or 2 MC and 1 MM inputs and has both RCA and XLR outputs. The Phono also can be configured with a mono switch. A truly innovative part of the design is that the loadings can be set on the fly via the included remote control The
Phono even has the ability to store 2 MC load settings in memory to help you precisely lock in the optional loading.

Like its highly regarded predecessor, the Evolution Phono is a two-chassis design, with a separate power supply. The Evolution employs a completely new power supply design that features high stability, ultralow noise floor, passive power correction and premium parts. This translates into an ultra-quiet background from
which music effortlessly emerges. Other significant improvements include the addition of AudioCapX and ClarityCap CMR capacitors reduce distortion, increase transparency and dynamics.

Every cherished record should be heard through a Doshi Phono Preamplifier



Stereo Inputs: 3 total (1-MC Differential, 1-MM10K SE , 1-MM47K SE). MC input can be specified with RCA or XLR connectors
Stereo Outputs: 2 Total can be specified with RCA, XLR (quasi balanced) XLR (Transformer balanced)
Gain: MC – 20db (jumper adjustable to 14db), MM – 50db. Total gain 72db Signal to noise: at least 80db below 1V unweighted (MC input)
Tubes: Qty 6 (12AX7, 12AT7, 12DW7)/channel
Power Consumption: 29W
Weight: 34lbs (Preamplifier + PSU)
Finish: Natural Anodized Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum