Evolution Line Preamplifier

The Preamplifier servers two purposes: to amplify the incoming signal from a source and to switch among the sources. The less internal noise a preamp generates the better it can achieve these goals. A key design criterion for the Doshi Evolution Preamplifier was to take the already low noise floor of the V3 Preamplifier and
reduce it by a whole order of magnitude.

A significant portion of the noise reduction can be attributed to the Evolution’s new power supply that features high stability and ultra-low noise regulation of the B+ voltages, revised design of the transformer volume control and revised, and an improved output transformer.

The Evolution Preamplifier introduces new super-premium parts including Copper Matrix capacitors from ClarityCap and TKD resistors in the signal path. Vibrations are further reduced by a new aluminum constrained layer top plate. The Evolution Preamplifier has 4 inputs, each of which can be RCA or XLR, and two outputs, also RCA or XLR. A Home Theater Bypass is standard. The included remote control has discrete input selection, volume, and mute.

The color options are natural anodized aluminum or black finish.



Stereo Inputs: 4 total can be specified in any combination of RCA and XLR
Stereo Outputs: 2 total, can be specified with either RCA or XLR connections
Home Theater Bypass: XLR Balanced or RCA
Gain: Max Gain 12db, Internally adjustable for lower gain
Signal to Noise: At least 100db below 1V unweighted
Tubes: Qty 2 ECC99/12BH7 Power Consumption: 22W
Weight: 39lbs (Preamplifier + PSU)
Finish: Natural Anodized Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum