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Project Description

Utilizing the same advanced chassis as our Monobolck, the Stereo Amplifier employs our Three Stage Decoupling™ technology to minimize external and internal resonances. Critical audio circuits are point-to-point wired and mounted on an acoustically isolated sub-chassis. The entire sub-chassis is suspended from a ½“ thick slab of DuPont Corian which, in turn, floats upon four vibration absorbing feet that are mechanically decoupled from the chassis. While our competitors build their enclosures from mild steel and aluminum, Doshi uses extremely strong 14 gauge stainless steel to create a chassis that is mechanically and electrically inert: an ideal foundation for performance. In a design flourish that all Doshi owners will hear—but few will ever see— the insides of our transformer covers are coated with sound-deadening paint developed to silence submarines.

As beautiful to the eye as to the ear, our Stereo Amplifier’s engraved aluminum front panel features an LED display and push-button controls to expedite output tube biasing and monitor tube age. A variety of Custom Finish Options enable customers to tailor the amplifier to their tastes and decor: an opportunity for personal expression which few other brands can equal. Whether judged by its sonic prowess, aesthetic beauty, design ingenuity or build quality, the Doshi
Stereo Amplifier delivers a completely satisfying ownership experience and establishes a new standard for single chassis, stereo power amplifiers.



Output power:  Minimum 65 wpc / 4 ohms,  50watts Class A

Input impedance:  50K ohms

Hum and Noise:  atleast 90 db below 1 watt

Weight:  60lbs , 75 lbs boxed


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