Doshi Audio Philosophy

Doshi Audio was started by Nick Doshi in 2006. Prior to this, Nick had been building audio equipment for years as a hobby for friends. The first product was the Alaap full function preamplifier followed by a line stage and phono stage. These legacy products were created on the very same philosophy that we continue to follow in every Doshi Audio product built today.

Our Philosophy

One of my first living memories is sitting with my parents at a concert. My parents were very involved in music, and they would often bring me to these musical events. Although I was young, the experience of hearing live voices and acoustic instruments built a musical foundation that has informed me later in life as a recording engineer, and now as a designer of amplification systems.

My individual interest in audio began when a recording engineer indulged a 10 year old (me), by playing a tape of the live concert he had just completed recording – I still remember that the recorder was a Nakamichi 600mk2 cassette deck. Hearing the music playback allowed me to experience the excitement of the concert all over again, and I was instantly enchanted. This moment created an obsession. From then on, I found myself wandering over to the mixing booths at every concert I attended – to look at what the engineers were doing and to maybe get a listen to the tape of their live mixes.

Later in life, it was an easy choice to pursue becoming a recording engineer as my career.

Every Doshi Audio component is designed to achieve two goals: The first is to be true to the audio signal; the second is to provide trouble-free, optimal operation of all our units.



Truely Superior Sound –
The sound through the Doshi Audio V3.0 products was warm and inviting as in, “I must hear more”

Jason Serinus. Stereophile - AXPONA 2014

V3.0 Tape Stage
The V3.0 Tape Stage is a reflection of the resurgense amount analog tape and audiophiles’ need for quality device.

The Aless was powered by a range of Doshi Audio tube electronics which appeared to do their jobs on some newer, higher level than I am used to…

Herb Reichert, Sterophile

V3.0 Monoblock Amplifier
– KT-150 tube upgrade

The (Doshi) sound had been quite enticing… the KY-150, though took it up another notch!

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