Evolution Monoblock Amplifier

The Doshi Evolution Monoblock Amplifier will change your perception of what a tube amplifier can achieve. Our Stereophile©-rated Class A amplifiers harnesses the power of its four KT150 tubes to output a massive 160 WPC. The unique circuit design of the Monoblock allows it to compete with the very best solid state amps in terms of speed, eerily black background, dynamics, and bass slam. At the same time, our Monoblock is not just about brawn. It conveys the beauty and magic of the music for which tubes are known by brining to light the shape and texture to transients, color to timbre, and humanity to voices. Carried over from the amplifier’s ease-of-use via front panel push button bias settings and microprocessor control and protection.

Built upon the world-wide acclaim of the Doshi V3 Monoblock, the Evolution embodies many significant improvements. Perhaps the most significant  improvements are to the power supply. The Evolution uses a larger transformer, passive power factor correction, schottky rectifiers, larger power supply capacitors, and redesigned input and driver circuitry for lower feedback, higher bandwidth. Other significant improvements include the strategic implementation of custom ClarityCap© CMR capacitors and a new aluminum constrained layer top provides better vibration isolation.



Input: SE (direct) or Differential XLR
Output: 5 ohm (other impedances available on special order)
Power: At least 160W RMS into 5 ohm load
Signal to Noise: At least 80db below 1V
Tubes: 1-12SJ7, 2-12SN7, 4-KT150 Power Consumption: 200W idle
Weight: 84lbs
Finish: Natural Anodized