Evolution Stereo Amplifier

The Evolution series Stereo Amplifier builds on successful V3 design. The Amplifier is a hybrid design with a solid state section based on a j-fet differential amplifier which drives a tube based output section based on the EL-34/6CA7 tube type. This unusual topology is used to create a amplifier with real world speaker drive capability of 65wpc while using only 2 gain stages and approximately 7db of feedback. The audio section is supported with a custom designed power transformer, regulated supplies and an innovative output transformer with separate screen windings to give the amplifier its sweet effervescent sound. Inputs are Single Ended/Direct or XLR balanced via a differential to SE converter.

The use of passive components that are rated for many times their actual dissipation which results in low thermal stress and heat modulation. Circuits that use the minimum number of gain stages and zero feedback where possible provide a level of realism and serve to preserve the beauty of the music.

All Doshi Evolution series amplifiers feature comprehensively re-designed power supplies, the latest Clarity Cap Purity Series coupling capacitors, re-designed audio circuit boards. Carried over from the V3 series are the stainless-steel chassis, Mechanical isolation is provided in the form of isolation grommets for the
audio circuit board and mass damping of the chassis in the form of the top plate. Outrigger legs add another layer of mechanical isolation. This results in a chassis that is resistant to mechanical and air-borne energy and allows the audio circuitry to function optimally.


Output Power:
Minimum 65W/ 5ohms.
Output transformer stock supplied for 5 ohms, other output impedance available on special order

Input Impedance: 47K ohm RCA / 20K ohm XLR

Noise: 80 db below 1W

There are no user serviceable parts accessible by the owner.