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April 25th, 2019 | Berkeley, CA

Sponsors Tim Marutani of Marutani Consulting and Nick Doshi of Doshi Audio invite you to what will surely be the most informative event of 2019 for anyone with a passion for music recorded and reproduced on big, glorious, analog tape reels.

Dan Labrie of ATR Services, Inc. will lead a 1 Day, hands-on workshop with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of the complex world of analog recordings and playback. Topics will include the mechanical and electronic calibration of machines (tape operating level, speed, azimuth, zenith, head wrap, bias and equalization adjustments), choosing tape formulations, media care and storage, trouble-shooting and maintenance issues, and the theory of magnetic recording.

Whether you’re an established expert or someone simply exploring the idea of adding an analog machine to your front end, this event will be tailored to the interests, needs and knowledge of those attending. While the machines used for the workshop will be ATR’s own state-of-the-art 102 2-track and 104 4-track, the day is not geared towards any specific brand or format. The in-depth information and experience provided will apply to any analog machine. You will learn subtle
alignment techniques and tips to achieve the most dialed-in analog experience possible.

Location for the event will be Michael Romanowski’s Coast Mastering studio in Berkeley, California. Michael is a co-founder of The Tape Project, which in 2007 launched with the lofty goal of bringing original master tape level performance into your home. They’re still doing it today, and Mr. Romanowski is joined as an event participant by fellow engineer, Managing Director and co-founder of The Tape Project, Paul Stubblebine. Paul and Michael are two of the leading experts
in analog recording today.

Coast Mastering is located in the former Fantasy Studios building, itself one of the most storied recording studios in US history. The list of artists who have recorded there is jaw dropping (most famously Creedence Clearwater Revival), not to mention soundtrack mixes including those for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Apocalypse Now, and Amadeus. The location for this workshop is significant and worthy of the trip on its own merits.

Finally, the world class expertise and facility will be finished with world class playback systems so that attendees can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Electronics from Doshi Audio will be partnered with loudspeakers from Rockport Technologies. Work hard. Play harder.

Learn from and enjoy the best in the analog industry. Space will be limited to just 12 lucky attendees. No matter how much or how little you think you know about analog tape machines and recordings, put this event on your calendar.

April 25, 2019

Coast Mastering

2600 10th Street, Suite 101C.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Participation is $500 per person.

Please contact Tim Marutani for further information.  – 510-652-1911

Truely Superior Sound –
The sound through the Doshi Audio V3.0 products was warm and inviting as in, “I must hear more”

Jason Serinus. Stereophile - AXPONA 2014

Best of Show  |  Best Sound
A system wins here, one of Paragon Sight and Sound’s rooms featuring Wilson Audio Sasha 2s, Doshi Audio electronics, dCS Rossini DAC and Master Clock, Brinkmann Balance turntable and ’arm, My Sonic Labs Signature Platinum cartridge, and Transparent Reference cables. An oasis of musical calm anytime I stuck my head in the door.

Absolute Sound

Cardas Audio Excels with Joseph and Doshi

But I would be remiss to not include the new Hybrid Stereo amp ($19,995) from Doshi Audio that were powering everything.  A gorgeous piece of amplifier, there are eight EL34 tubes with a mirror-like chrome cover of transformers behind reflecting the glass.  Joining in the fun were Doshi’s line stage ($17,995) and tape pre ($17,995).  The casework on the Doshi gear is sublime with half inch Corian and 14 gauge steel for isolation purposes.  HRS supplied the SXR racks (SXR-1921-3V at $5,225 and M3X-1921 isolation bases at $2,895) and Qobuz was streaming clearly via an Aurender A10 ($5,500).  Of course, the speakers singing in the background were Joseph Audio‘s beautifully finished Perspectives $12,999 per pair).

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Part-Time Audiophile

RMAF 2018: Joseph Audio, Doshi Audio, Cardas and the Rest of Your Life

This was one of Jeff’s best-sounding set-ups I’ve heard—and I’ve heard quite a few—which led me to believe that the Doshi Audio amplification, as well as the Cardas Clear Beyond cabling, were providing uncommon synergy in the room.

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Part-Time Audiophile

Doshi Audio Monoblock V3.0 power amplifier

The remarkably air-filled, three-dimensional, gratifyingly warm sound of Doshi Audio’s Monoblock V3.0 amplifiers demands a place on the short list of amplifier seekers who listen to music for hours on end. There’s a special frisson to the glowing sound of these supremely musical amps that elevates it above the usual stereotypes of tube sound. I can’t imagine that any audiophile who enjoys the sound of tubed electronics will feel complete without giving them a long audition and—if the heart calls—a new home.
–  Jason Victor Serinus

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Command Performance AV: Doshi Audio electronics

The system’s sound was very clean and transparent and easily showed the vast differences between either the 15-ips tapes or LPs that were played.

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Capital Audiofest: Hitting the Ground Running

The system played it with a tremendous sense of ease, the music simply existing between the speakers without apparent effort. Chris Thile’s voice had well-defined, full-bodied presence in the room, and the limber, graceful phrases played by banjoist Noam Pikelny were breathtaking in their realism. A real treat.

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