If you are serious about tape you have to audition the v3 tape preamp.  It brings reel to reel sound to a new level.  While I love my Studer A810, my Technics RS-1500 wired out to the tape preamp delivers music in a whole different way.

I received my upgraded pre (new caps) from Nick between Christmas and New Years and was able to spend a good amount of time listening to tape, allowing the caps to break in. This pre is sooooooooo quiet it is unreal. Most tubed components have some noise which becomes inaudible at even low levels of music. This unit seems to start near zero.   The clarity of the string vibrations on Ray Brown’s bass on Way Out West makes you think you are in the recording studio.  I can play music at pretty loud levels with the pre amp and their is no fatigue or distortion.

If you are deep into RTR this unit should be on your short list.

– David M.

Nick Doshi created a headphone amplifier for his own use for location recording that turned out so well that he decided to make more. The Doshi headphone amp ($3795 MSRP) employs custom-made Sowter output transformers coupled with high-voltage drive circuitry to provide maximum power into three impedance load ranges. With a discrete differential volume control that uses the same relays as the Doshi preamplifier, and an amplifier section that has three separate regulators per channel in addition to direct coupling from input to output, this could be a new and more inexpensive way to add that special Doshi sound to your system.

– Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound